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Editorial Illustrations

Reading can be yawn-inducing for some. And that is where the glorious illustrations come into play — to visually convey the message when words stop making sense. These illustrations for the article "How to be centred in a crazy world" had to keep the readers interested till the last period. The three images use similar colours for consistency and show the three stages of a story — exposition, rising action and denouement. Everything from ideation to execution has been done by yours truly!  Keep scrolling as I take you through the meanings behind these illustrations. 


I used Scrabble to show the overarching theme in the article: ways to find peace amidst chaos. The player is playing 'tranquil.' They are holding the letter 'I' in their hand because, as per the article, the secret to a chaos-free life lies (spoiler alert) within you.  


The second illustration is a visual representation of the mental state of people. The trippy effect (optical illusion) helps deliver this message. 

The last illustration demonstrates the message that you are the secret to living a stress-free life. Therefore, the girl is hugging herself in the mirror.



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