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Pop Can Design

Hooked is a (fictional) beverage company selling fizzy drinks in fun flavours to Gen-Z and Millennials. The brand has a friendly identity and a playful tone of voice. The design had to replicate this youthfulness and approachability. I created a design that stands out amongst the sea of pop cans on the shelves of a grocery store. The bold colours attract the audience’s attention, enticing them to take home at least one pop can. The design is minimalistic and type-centric. The bubbles on the front help customers visualize how the drink will be — burp-inducing! The wavy band flowing from top to bottom of the pop can indicates the drink's flavour and is inspired by Instagram Threads design, also utilized by a renowned design agency, & Walsh. It makes the design “pop” (pun intended), giving it a modern feel.

Rebecca_Benjamin_Assignment#1 copy.jpg


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