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With a team like ours, modesty is a challenge. 

Our seasoned Steers squad ensures each customer receives excellent service and tailored insurance options. 

We read the fine print so our customers don't have to – because deciphering insurance terms should be easier than understanding your teenager's latest slang. 

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Congratulations Florence Harvey on completing 50 years at Steers Insurance!


That’s five decades of overcoming Monday blues and half a century of clocking in daily.


Florence's positive energy inspires her co-workers. We value her hard work and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.

We wish Florence a dazzling golden workiversary. 🌟



“Can cannabis affect my mental health?” Don’t be hazy on cannabis facts anymore! Get all your questions answered at Cannabis Made Clear is an online education hub for all cannabis-related questions. We enjoyed working with our client, the OCS (Ontario Cannabis Store). Shoutout to @initiative and for helping us throughout.

Visit to learn more.

#cleansheet #ocs #cannabismadeclear


We are proud to share our latest work for the OCS (Ontario Cannabis Store). Cannabis Made Clear is an online portal for research-backed cannabis facts. Here’s the TV spot we created. Check out to learn more. Special thanks to @initiative and for making this happen.

#cleansheet #ocs #cannabismadeclear


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